800 students at Computech watch the solar eclipse

Unforgettable science lesson 

The entire student-body at Computech middle school in Fresno got to witness the solar eclipse Monday morning. The students have been preparing for the big moment for the past week.

This morning excitement was in the air. "I want everyone to put on your safety goggles here and what's gonna happen we are all gonna look up at the sun together." Seventh and eighth grade students experienced a science moment to remember on campus.

Ben Borchers is an eighth grader at Computech. "This is really cool." It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I've been looking forward to it for a few months now. I'm a big science fan." It was a school field trip where students only needed an unobstructed view of the sun.

Edward Vinson is a career education teacher at Computech. "Oh it's fantastic you know we teach the students things in the classroom all the time but anytime we can get them out of the classroom and actually experience what they're learning. That's what it's all about." This was the first solar eclipse to unfold from coast to coast in the U.S.

Computech students have only been in school for a week but they crammed for this exciting lesson plan. "They're learning about the moon and how it orbits the earth and in this particular case how that just happens to line up that the moon is right in the way of our sight. And it's a fantastic thing for them to just visually be able to see something."

Each student charted the eclipse as time progressed. All 800 students at Computech got a front row view of the eclipse. It's likely a science lesson they will treasure the rest of their life.

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