78-year-old man kidnapped, robbed in Mendota

78-year-old Julio Cesar Castillo was kidnapped and robbed of $800 in his wallet Thursday, as he walked home from the post office in Mendota.

Mendota Police are now looking for a pair who robbed and kidnapped a 78-year-old Mendota man.

It happened Thursday, around 10:30 a.m.

Julio Cesar Castillo says he was walking home from the post office, when a white, four-door car cut him off.

"He tells me, ‘Get in the car. I said, ‘Why? I don’t know you.” Then he motioned to a gun he had in his pocket," said Castillo.

The man was driving the car, and there was an older woman in the back seat.

She demanded his wallet, and started going through it.

“I told her please, dont' take my papers,” he said, referencing his Immigration documents. “She told me, ‘No, I'll leave them behind.’"

But Castillo says the woman did take $800 he had in his wallet.

The retiree got the money a few weeks ago, and was slowly using it to pay his bills.

Just over half a mile away, the car stopped.

The pair ordered Castillo out of the car.

“I thank God I wasn’t beaten up,” he said. “That money, when you’re poor, you need it for food, rent. But those papers… it really costs a lot to replace them."

Mendota Police say this is the first time they’ve had an incident like this happen in their community.

Detectives spent hours reviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses, but haven't found anything worth sharing.

Castillo doesn't think the man and woman were married -- or mother and son.

“They were partners in stealing. That’s for sure," Castillo said

Castillo says the woman put his money into a duffel bag.

It was already full of cash.

Detectives say they have very little detailed information.

They are checking with other area law enforcement agencies to see if they've had similar crimes.

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