5.1 million dollars to fix Highway 99

Caltrans to resurface Highway 99 this summer.

Over $5 million will be spent this summer fixing up potholes on Highway 99. That's money is from your pocket funded by a gas tax passed last year.

Right now, there are uneven roadways, potholes and cracks that are hard to avoid on Highway 99. It will resurface from Ventura Street in Downtown Fresno to Avenue 7 in South Madera County.

Israel Johngomz says he is among the hundreds of thousands who use it everyday, "I drive on the 99 to get to work off the 180. There is a lot of potholes and stuff like that," said Johngomz.

The harsh road conditions are now sending people like him and other drivers to the repair shop.

"Probably like $200 or $300 for repairs. My tires alone are $50 each. It adds up," said driver Sherry Garcia.

Caltrans' Chief Deputy Director, Ryan Chamberlin says the state is now in the money, thanks to the Road Repair Accountability Act. It offers ongoing funding of $1.8 billion a year for maintenance and rehab work on state highways. Chamberlin says, drivers can now look forward to smoother roads. Caltrans District 6 announced it is receiving $5 million to resurface Highway 99.

"This project will also increase the visibility of lane delineation with wider and reflective stripping. Which will make it much easier to see lanes while you are driving at night. New pavement markers will shine red to wrong way drivers which will also make this road safer," said Chamberlin.

Construction begins in June and is expected to be complete by the end of the summer.

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