2 arrested in Fresno, wanted for murder in Mississippi

2 arrested in Fresno, wanted for murder in Mississippi (Booking photos Fresno Police Department)

Two people were arrested in Fresno in connection with a murder in Mississippi.

A Fresno police officer noticed a vehicle parked at a GB3 Fitness Club in southeast Fresno with two people asleep inside.

The officer woke the man and woman to find out why they were there.

The officer said they appeared nervous and gave false information.

Police dispatch reported the license plate belonged to a wanted homicide suspect out of Mississippi, so both people were taken into custody.

The couple was eventually identified as 28-year-old Isaac Garner and 26-year-old Cassandra Trahern, both on the most wanted list out of Mississippi.

A weapon was also located in the car and a statement was taken that it may be the one used in the homicide.

Garner and Trahern were arrested and are being held for Federal Marshals who will extradite them to Adams County, Mississippi.

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