14 shootings in eight days; one dead in Fresno

Sunday’s homicide victim as 17-year-old Adalberto Ocampo, student at Cambridge.

14 shootings in Fresno and we're just eight days into the new year. Fresno Police Cheif, Jerry Dyer says it's a combination of people who have been randomly targeted and gang retaliation.

Five shootings happened new year's day, others followed later that week. Five more shootings happened Sunday, one teen was shot and killed in Southwest Fresno.

Family and friends of 17-year-old Adalberto Ocampo, they say they’re now trying to find closure.

"They have faith he is with God now. They're trying to give his mom support to make her feel comfortable that he is in a good place now because it is hard for her. He was the life of the family. He was funny. He would make you mad but he would always find a way to make you smile", said Yolanda Sanchez, a relative of Ocampo.

Since the new year, there have been a total of 14 shootings in Fresno. Out of that number 10 people have been shot. Five shootings happened Sunday, Adalberto is the only person who died.

"There was nothing he did last night that would warrant him being shot. Individuals in a car drove upon him stopped and asked what he was banging and pulled out a gun and began to fire," said Dyer.

"For people, out there that think it is funny or fun to drive by and shoot people, it's not. You caused a lot of pain. Its happen to many others," said Sanchez.

Police say a lot of this stems from stolen guns getting into hands of gang bangers.

"Gang members are using those firearms and it doesn't appear that they have any fear of consequences of being caught sent to jail or prison. We find that these individuals seem to have no value for human life and when you are faced with that kind of motive and weaponry it makes for a very violent week, “said Dyer.

More police are now being dispatched throughout the city of Fresno, especially in the places where a lot of shooting is happening. Officers are being directed to make legal traffic stops and detain anyone they think is involved in a gang carrying a gun.

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