Update: Chief Dyer talks about officer-involved shooting


Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to provide updates about the shooting.

Chief Dyer said the suspect, identified as Burt Harris, is at the hospital with a non-fatal wound and is expected to survive.

The Fresno MAGIC unit learned Harris, who is on felony probation and has an active felony warrant for evading officers, was in an apartment complex 4215 E Fountain Way.

Chief Dyer said the detectives had information that Harris was in possession of two firearms.

MAGIC officers set up surveillance in unmarked cars and say they saw Harris conducting drug deals over a period of times.

The officers moved in to arrest Harris but he escaped on a bicycle.

When an officer caught up to Harris, he says Harris pulled a handgun from his waistband and the officer fired a single shot, hitting him in the hip.

Harris dropped the gun and a backpack and continued to run away.

Witnesses confirmed the timeline and said Harris was known to sell drugs and pimp girls.

The sergeant fired the shot was in plain clothes but was wearing a tactical vest with a yellow star.

Chief Dyer said Harris has an extensive arrest record in Southern California.

Harris was arrested and taken to a nearby hospital.

It happened Wednesday along Shields Avenue near Maple.

Details are limited, but no officers with the Fresno Police Department were injured. The suspect was shot and taken to the hospital.

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