Broken mailboxes in Sunnyside; fixed!


Fresno, Calif. (FOX26) -- UPDATE 11/13/2017 -- After months of complaints, the U.S. Postal Service has now fixed a Sunnyside community's broken mailboxes.

Thieves had been taking advantage, stealing unknown amounts of mail for weeks.

Management at the Cedar Station post office says that its maintenance department fixed the community mailbox locks and will now do routine checkups on the unit to prevent any future problems.


Tired and fed up are just some of the things people in one part of Fresno are feeling right now after dealing with a broken mailbox for months. They say they've complained to the postal service yet nothing is being done.

They say they've done all they can do and are now at their wit's end.

The people who use the community mailbox in a Sunnyside subdivision say they haven’t gotten their mail delivered to them in two months because the lock on the outbox door appears to have been tampered with.

"Once they pop this main door open, then it is nothing. They open up this whole mailbox. They open it and steal everybody’s mail. He isn't just going for the little outbox. He is going for everybody's mail,” said resident Marlin Czajkowski.

Dee Kee Kayajanian says they're forced to drive out of their way.

"You can't send outgoing mail so you have to go to the post office. It's just really a problem it seems like something so simple and so trivial, but it really does affect our everyday lives. We're waiting for bills, people are waiting for checks, cards, whatever and it's just a mess,” said Kayajanian.

She says they've contacted the City of Fresno, property management of the subdivision, and the U.S Postal Service but have gotten anywhere.

"I told the post office on one of the many calls that I have made to them. I told them George Kayajanian and I would pay to get this fixed. It is not the money. It is not that expensive but they said, no we can't do that because of the number of keys they need for each box,” said Kayajanian.

They told Fox 26 at this point the only way they get their mail is if the mail carrier walks door to door. They say he has gone out of the way to do it. The problem is when he's off, they don’t get anything.

Fox26 tried to get in touch with the post office but it was closed because federal agencies observed Veteran’s Day today. We'll try again on Monday and let you know what we find out.

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