Trump's cabinet grades his first 100 days

President Donald Trump, accompanied by Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, center right, and veterans, signs an Executive Order on "Improving Accountability and Whistleblower Protection" at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Thursday, April 27, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - President Donald Trump loves to point out in his first 100 days he's put paper to pen with more executive orders than any president since FDR, and worked with Congress to pass the most laws since Truman.

So, no surprise, when Sinclair Broadcast Group's Scott Thuman asked Trump's cabinet how he's doing: the reviews were positive.

But equally as predictable, Democrats argue it's been a disaster and news editorials claim the president's fallen far short of his self-declared 100 day goals.

The president's Chief of Staff Reince Preibus said "there’s not a minute in the day left for us to do this work, we’ve done an incredible job we might get a healthcare bill out of the house this week we’re working on a budget bill a CR to keep the government open, the President’s been working with Republicans and Democrats.”

They are still wanting on major legislation though: Replace and repeal, a border wall and tax reform still in the works and his travel restrictions currently tied up in courts.

"Oh, definitely incomplete. His first 100 days is a list of promises made, promises broken. Starting with his pledge about jobs. We haven't seen a jobs bill," said Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D- Calif.)

That's why budget director Mick Mulvaney said the grade is two-part.

“On stuff that we control? A solid, solid A. on stuff where we have to work with the legislatureI’ve gotta give it a C at best, but I think that’s mostly the difficulties on the hill.”

So with a hefty wish-list ahead, what's possible? The White House would argue - almost all of it - providing Democrats play along.

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