Fresno Mayor Lee Brand - No on Measure P

Fresno Mayor Lee Brand on FOX26 Great Day explaining why he opposes Measure P

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

One of the measures on the ballot in Fresno is Measure P, which proposes a 3/8-cent sales tax that would generate $37.5 million annually for 30 years for Fresno parks and cultural arts.

Fresno Mayor Lee Brand visited FOX26 Great Day on Monday to explain why he opposes Measure P.

Mayor Brand calls Measure P the most important ballot issue in the city's history. "It will have a major impact on the city for 30 years. It will over fund parks by millions of dollars."

City leaders want Measure P to fail so the two sides can come back in two years with a compromise tax proposal that funds public safety and parks.

If the measure passes, Mayor Brand has this dire prediction. "I think it will be next to impossible to come back in 2020 and do two consecutive large sales taxes."

Measure P requires a two-thirds super majority vote.

Click here to learn more about Measure P.

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