Fresno's Measure P comes up short

Fresno's Woodward Park from the FOX26 drone

November 6, 2018 - Measure P required a two-thirds super majority vote to pass but with 52 or 271 precincts reporter, it was obvious it would not pass.

Former mayor of Fresno, Alan Autry, was at the Yes on P party and spoke to FOX26 News reporter Marie Edinger.

Autry says he felt those who opposed the campaign were disingenuous because they claimed Measure P would take away from public safety, which he says is false.

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October 18, 2018 - A tax measure to fund city parks, recreation, streets and arts will be decided by Fresno voters in November.

Measure P would generate $37.5 million dollars a year through 2049.

The measure addresses more than just parks. It would clean up the San Joaquin River Parkway, create programs for children and at-risk youth and expand access to arts and culture.

Measure P's biggest opponent is the Fresno Chamber of Commerce.

Here is what Measure P is going to cost you the taxpayer. It would add 3/8's of a percent sales tax for 30 years.

Spend one hundred dollars and it would add 37.5 cents to the bill.

Nearly half of the tax, $17.25 million will maintain clean and safe parks. Larry Powell is a member of Yes on P.

"It has public safety built into it as well. A park ranger or an officer on every park helping make sure they're safe."

$7.9 million would buy new parks and recreational areas.

$3.2 million would create youth and senior recreation, after school programs and job training.

$4.2 million fixes up walking and bike trails plus the San Joaquin River Parkway. Powell says local freeways get money too.

"This landscapes 99. It landscapes 168. It landscapes 180. We absolutely have a chance to change the image of Fresno."

The final $4.5 million would expand access to arts and culture.

The Fresno Chamber of Commerce opposes Measure P. Chamber CEO Nathan Ahle says it has a different priority.

"Our community needs to find a way to solve the public safety issue along with parks. It's a two faceted approach."

While the chamber opposes Measure P, Ahle admits it won't spend political money to defeat the tax initiative.

The chamber also says a 30 year tax measure is way too long.

In all Measure P is 26 pages long.

If it passes a nine member Parks, Recreation and Arts Commission would be created.

Its job is to make sure the money is spent on everything local. Measure P requires a two-thirds super majority vote. It has to receive nearly 67 percent to pass.

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