Wallets hit hard at the pump following Hurricane Harvey


After Hurricane Harvey hit, gas prices went up, and people across the Borderland say it has affected their wallets.

“It’s actually been a couple of years since [prices have] been this high, which has pretty much caught [everybody] off guard,” said northeast El Paso resident Taesha Brand.

Brand was taking part in a carwash fundraiser with her women's football teammates on Saturday. They set up next to a gas station in hopes of getting more customers.

Unfortunately, she said she noticed less people than normal stopping for gas.

“Not as usual when you would see a lot of people coming in. Now it’s really not people are looking for the cheapest places to get gas,” Brand said.

KFOX14 drove around to different gas stations across El Paso.

The northeast, south central, east and west side all had unleaded gas at $2.49.

The average in El Paso on Saturday was $2.50, according to AAA.

That is a three cent increase from last week, and a thirty cent increase from a month ago.

“Now it’s like, take care of bills first, and then I’m basically like driving until empty so I can find somewhere cheaper. But everywhere is at least $2.49, $2.55,” said northeast El Paso resident Jalisa Smith.

Recent price averages are the highest we've seen all year.

Hurricane Harvey caused refineries in the Gulf Coast to shutter operations temporarily, which affected the prices.

Some people told KFOX14 the price increase is not a huge concern.

“Essentially we all have to drive somewhere and get from point A to point B, so might as well just pay the price for it,” said east El Paso resident Alejandro Romero.

According to the AAA, prices should start dropping by mid to late September.

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