Thieves caught on camera stealing metal from Fresno business

Thieves load a white Chevy pick-up with stolen metal bed frames.

A Fresno business owner is now trying to figure out how to stop a pair of thieves who keep stealing metal from them. The owner of Blue Marble Materials says its happened before but this time it was all caught-on-camera.

The video shows man inside of a bin who can be seen going through the scraps, then handing over the items to another guy. That man was standing in the back of the white truck parked along the side of the recycling bin.

The guys loaded the truck up until it is full it what appeared to be a white Chevy pick-up.

The business owner says it sometimes gets metal bed frames from its clients for a 'Bye-Bye Mattress Program' and that metal is recycled. It’s hard to know how much in value they stole but each frame is worth a little over $100.00.

If you think you have any information about this. Call Valley Crime Stoppers at 559-498-stop. Your tip could earn you a cash reward.

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