Local man asks for help in getting dogs adopted

Local rescuer needs help finding homes for dogs. Photo: FOX26 Reporter Wendi Lane

A local man is asking for help in getting some dogs on his property rescued.

Allan Patzkowsky says he first started rescuing dogs from kill shelters about six years ago. Now, there are several living on his property, and he is hoping they will find their forever homes soon.

To adopt a dog, contact Patzkowsky at (559) 304-5221 or email him at

Brenda Mitchell with Fresno Humane Services has been working with Patzkowsky to ensure the health of the dogs. She can be reached at (559) 600-7387. Becky Holly with Fresno Bully Rescue has also been working with Patzkowsky; she can be reached at (559) 276-7611 or

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