Kopi's Hometown Connections stops in Los Banos

Kopi's Hometown Connections stops in Los Banos

You've driven Highway 152 on your way to Santa Cruz or the San Francisco Bay Area.

And on the way to your destination, you've passed through the city Los Banos.

Maybe you even stopped for lunch before getting back on the road.

But have you ever stopped to see what else Los Banos has to offer?

Kopi's Hometown Connections heads to Los Banos where Kopi talked to representatives of the Los Banos Chamber of Commerce and the historic Milliken Museum.

Kopi also learned about the Los Banos Tomato Festival, taking place Saturday, October 7th at the Los Banos Fairgrounds. The free festival has food, live music and a tomato tug of war. Fun!

The Los Banos farming roots go way beyond tomatoes. Bowles Farming Company founded in 1965 by the great-grandchildren of Henry Miller also grows cotton, wheat, corn, garbanzo beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, carrots, garlic, onions, alfalfa and much more.

We also learned about the rich Basque history in Los Banos and checked out the Wool Growers Restaurant, known for its Basque cuisine since 1954.

Finally, Kopi talked with Los Banos Mayor Mike Villalta and Larry Lewis, owner of Eddie's Famous Cafe for the past 38 years.

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