Great Day Kitchen, 11/30/17 - Deep fried baked turkey

Dinner is served

Chef Moneshay “Moe” Platt, from Mojo’s Catering Services, will join us to prepare some delicious food.

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Deep Fried Baked Turkey

(Topped with a Sept-fromage and served with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus)

  • 3 cups of all purpose flour ( Put in gallon ziplock bag)
  • ½ cup of granulated onion and garlic powder each.
  • ¼ cup of black pepper
  • ½ cup of paparika
  • ¼ cup of parsley
  • ¼ cup of kosher salt

Mix all seasonings into the ziplock bag and shake well.

Crack 6 eggs into a large bowl and mix til yolk and whites are together.

2 large whole Turkey Breast. ( Filet in half on both breasts).

Drop the turkey breasts in the egg batter and drop into the flour bag and shake it well til covered in the flour mixture of seasonings.

Heat your deep fryer on 365* degrees. Drop 2 breast in at a time. Fry til golden brown. Put on a cookie sheet or pan til you have finished up the other fried turkey breasts. Put the oven on Bake 350* in the meantime.

Once done frying up the Turkey, put in the oven for 25 mins.

Sept-Fromage Sauce

  • 1 quart of heavy whipping cream
  • ½ stick of salted butter
  • ½ green and red bell pepper (chopped small)
  • ½ onion (chopped small)
  • 6 small baby bella mushrooms ( sliced thin)
  • 2 tsp of salt
  • Smoked Gouda
  • Swiss
  • Provolone
  • Cheddar ( all grated with ¼ cup of each)

Bring the heavy whipping cream to a boil in a sauce pan, with a variety of temperatures. Do NOT let boil over. Add the butter and salt into the heavy whipping cream along with the chopped and sliced veggies. Add the cheeses in to the sauce and slowly simmer, stir the sauce continuously so cheese won't scorch. The sauce will start to thicken. Turn fire off and put to the side.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

  • 8 white potatoes peeled and diced in cubes.
  • 1 stick of salted butter
  • ½ tsp of salt
  • cup of whole milk
  • 5 clove halves of garlic,minced and pan seared in olive oil. ( til golden brown).

Boil potatoes in salted water til soft. Drain in a strainer. Put into bowl and add ingredients. Smash to your liking and put to the side til ready to serve.

Grilled Asparagus

  • 2 bundles of Fresh Asparagus
  • ½ stick of melted butter with salt and pepper and garlic powder mixed

Cut about 2 inches off the bottom of the Asparagus. Blanch the asparagus in hot water on the stove for 1 minute. Take asparagus out of the water and chill in cold water and set to the side til ready to put on grill. Apply the melted seasoned butter to the asparagus and char to your liking.

This meal is for up to 6 servings. Please check your meat for proper tempatures. Chicken and turkey should be at the 165 degree temp.Check it with a temp probe in the center.

For those with Gluten issues, feel free to subsitute Gluten Free flour. Same great taste.


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