Season of Giving with free groceries in West Fresno

Liz Gonzalez pointed out the total was over $166 but Evelyn didn't have to pay

FOX26 News and Grocery Outlet are partnering this holiday season to give free groceries away to people of the Central Valley, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Watch what happened when FOX26 News reporter Liz Gonzalez surprised a woman shopping at the Grocery Outlet in West Fresno.

Liz walked up behind Evelyn who was waiting to hear the grand total of her groceries.

Liz pointed out that her total was over $166 but that she didn't have to pay because FOX26 and Grocery Outlet were going to pay for her groceries.

Evelyn was very surprised and said she knows several people in need and will probably share part of the money she saved.

It is the FOX26 News and Grocery Outlets Season of Giving and we are surprising lucky shoppers with groceries until Thanksgiving!

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We want you to know everyone who gets free groceries is picked at random and has no connection to FOX26 or Grocery Outlet.

We also do not pay for alcohol.

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