Savor The Season '16 at First & Ashlan in Fresno

An emotional reaction when Gia Vang told these shoppers FOX26 and Save Mart were paying for their groceries

What would you do if someone walked up to you in a grocery store and paid for your groceries?

That's what FOX26 News and Save Mart Supermarkets are doing again this holiday season.

For the second year, we're back with our "Savor The Season" project!

In this segment, FOX26 Ten O'clock News Anchor Gia Vang got to surprise Jeff and Julie, a couple shopping at the Save Mart at First and Ashlan in Fresno.

Julie got emotional when Gia told them FOX26 and Save Mart Supermarkets would pay for their groceries.

Jeff said he and Julie are both retired and this was a really good thing.

We want you to know everyone who gets free groceries is picked at random and has no connection to FOX26 or Save Mart.

We also do not pay for alcohol, tobacco or prescription drugs.

If you liked this segment, please know we have many more to come between now and Christmas Day, from Save Mart locations all over the Central Valley.

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