EYE-Q Vision Care: Dr Holt and Michael

Michael has been in remission after his eye was removed when eye cancer was discovered at 15-months-old (Photo courtesy of Michael's family)

Dr. Holt detected eye cancer in a 15-month-old boy’s left eye, which ultimately saved his life.

The little boy named Michael was brought into EYE-Q when his mother noticed his eyes didn’t look the same, especially in photographs.

Michael was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, which has about a 70 percent mortality rate.

Michael’s eye was removed and he’s undergone some systemic treatments as well, and is now in remission.

Dr. Holt and EYE-Q Vision Care Center created a Go Fund Me account to help with Michael's medical expenses and recovery, and Dr. Holt donated $1,000 to start the fundraiser.

Click here if you would like to contribute.

EYE-Q Vision Care has locations in Fresno, Clovis and Selma.

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