Acts of Kindness '16 at Bad Buds in Fresno

    Greg was shocked when Sophia told him Fahrney Automotive Group was filling his gas tank for free today.

    We're not only giving away groceries for the holidays, we're also out on the streets giving away free gasoline.

    Our partners at the Fahrney Automotive Group Selma are picking some lucky people to get a tank of gas.

    FOX26 Sports Reporter Nick King was there to show us what happens when Fahrney brings its Random Acts of Kindness to people in Fresno.

    In this segment, Greg was selected to receive a full tank of gas by Sophia from Fahrney Automotive, at the Bad Buds station in Fresno.

    This was one of several Acts of Kindness you'll see on FOX26 News.

    Fahrney Automotive Group staff members plan to visit gas stations all over the Valley and we'll be there to show you what happens.

    Click here to visit the Fahrney Automotive Group.

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