West Park Elementary student is superintendent's super star for October

Courtesy: Otero Family

The superintendent's super star for October hails from a small country school west of Fresno.

Nalani Otero is student body president at West Park Elementary. Administrators say since pre-school she was born to lead.

Otero is a hard working eighth grade student at West Park. The student body president has also been on the student council for the past three years.

Superintendent Jim Yovino says she's very deserving of his award. "She's an example to all the students on campus. They want to be like her and

she doesn't quite know that yet by gosh why would you. That's a testimony to great leadership."

Otero participates in speech and debate and is active in school sports. "It feels really nice to know that they trust me. I'm really close to all them at school.

They're like family just to know that they trust me and they know I'll do a good job."

Otero participates in the daily raising of the flag and ringing the school bell. Two more reasons why she's a super star for October.

"I'm very thankful for this award and I'm really proud to have it because I know for everything that we do at school I'm glad it's being recognized."

Otero is the first student at West Park Elementary to be named Superintendent Yovino's super star.

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