University High graduate is Superintendent's July super star

Maya Rugama is headed for USC

University High graduate Maya Rugama loves to give back to her community and she's passionate about helping others.

Recently Rugama was honored by Fresno County Superintendent of schools Jim Yovino. Rugama is his super star for July.

She is a straight "A" student who graduated in June. But it's what she did outside the classroom that impressed Superintendent Yovino.

She volunteered at a Fresno hospital and Yovino said her job was to share the food menu with patients.

"She went into rooms with menus to talk to patients and it wasn't about the menu and what they were ordering. What it was was about this

person walking into the room with a kind compassionate heart willing to listen to people in the hospital."

Maya also plays the flute and piccolo and at age twelve started playing in the Sounds of Freedom band. "I'm really passionate about

helping people who are underrepresented, under served groups who are not fortunate to have some of the help I take for granted everyday."

During high school Maya also worked with foster you and create a meditation garden. She personally asked people for donations to build it.

Her family was by her side as she received Superintendent Yovino's super star award. "Thank you so much to the board of education for giving

me this honor. It's just so amazing to know that I have this amazing group of people who are here to support my education and the education of

thousands of other people in Fresno County."

Later this month Maya Rugama will begin studying pre-med at USC.

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