Superstar from Tollhouse is a mover and shaker

Sierra High School senior Joshua Markos with Superintendent Jim Yovino

Each month Fresno County's Superintendent of Schools singles out one student for outstanding achievement.

It's no easy task choosing from more than 200,000 students.

This month, superintendent Jim Yovino, shines his superstar spotlight on a community-minded student from Sierra High School in Tollhouse.

Sierra High School senior Joshua Markos is a mover and shaker on the foothill campus.

When he's not in the classroom, he's chapter president of the FFA, yearbook editor, cheerleader, water polo player and volunteers in his community.

His impressive resume caught the attention of Superintendent Jim Yovino. “Here is a kid who is involved in every activity you can imagine on a high school campus and some and leadership roles,” said Yovino.

Markos discovered community service when he was a freshman, volunteering at the Poverello House. “It really just opened my eyes to how much joy it brought me because it's such a great thing to go to Poverello House and to be able to help the community and the less fortunate,” said Markos.

He enjoys helping people, but Joshua complains, there's just not enough time in the day.

Superintendent Yovino said, “It's people like Joshua that are going to be the future leaders of this country. I'm just proud to honor you today and your family is all here.”

Markos was shocked to learn about his superstar award; his parents kept it a secret until the night before the ceremony. “I think it's a great thing. I think it's awesome that our county is recognizing students that go above and beyond, and I truly appreciate receiving this award. It means a lot to me,” said Markos.

Joshua Markos plans to attend community college. His career goal is to become a graphic designer or a teacher.

Congratulations to Joshua Markos!

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