Superintendent's super star from Riverdale wants to be a doctor

    Courtesy: Maggie Gonzalez<p>{/p}

    January's superintendent super star is a Riverdale senior who pushed hard to promote cancer awareness on campus. Maggie Gonzalez is also a high achiever in the classroom who wants to be a doctor.

    Gonzalez is the first student from Riverdale to receive Superintendent Jim Yovino's super star award. She belongs to a number of clubs at Riverdale High School but the one that touched the superintendent the most is the Cancer Awareness Club. "This is a young lady who through tragedy in her life turns it around and says here's what I want to educate everyone in my school so they can be that person who helps someone."

    Gonzalez has a 4.3 GPA is involved in clubs and plays soccer and volleyball. She has a can do attitude. "If you really want to do something you're gonna go out and get it. No matter what there's always gonna be hard times, hard things to get over. It's always gonna be there and it's always going to be accomplishable."

    Gonzales wants to major in science college and one day become a doctor. Superintendent Yovino wants her to set up her practice at home. "Please come back to Fresno County and be a doctor here because we need you in this Valley. You're a young lady that could be such a tremendous role model for so many other students."

    Gonzalez called her super star award a "Wow" moment that she will never forget. "It feels really good being able to be the super star of Fresno County because I never thought I'd be able to get this chance and there are other people who work just as hard as me."

    Besides being involved in numerous campus groups Gonzalez is also active in her community. Gonzalez recent interviewed for admission to Stanford.

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