Superintendent's super star from Buchanan wants to be a scientist

Courtesy: Ewing Family

Fresno County Superintendent Jim Yovino's super star has a long list of accomplishments beyond being active in campus organizations and clubs. Buchanan senior Alexander Ewing has created two social enterprises and in his spare time he volunteers as a Cancer biology intern.

Ewing is a mover and a shaker. The outstanding student is also committed to helping others. He and his sister created two social enterprises. His project was Kids for Innovative Design, where teen volunteers teach basic computer and social media skills to seniors.

Superintendent Jim Yovino calls it impressive. "I said why do you do this? He said because I always strive to do something better than I did before and that's what he lives by everyday. Ewing admits he wasn't aware of the super star award but calls it a proud moment in his high school career. "It's a great honor and I think it's an inspiration for me and everyone else who receives it and I think for all the students across the country."

Ewing is going to Fresno State and will be a Smittcamp honors scholar. "This is an 18 year old that is not only doing community service work but he is also gonna be the young man I believe who will have a great chance to solving one of our biggest health crises in the world. That is a cure for Cancer.

In his free time Ewing volunteers doing Cancer research in the biology department at Fresno State. "I did that all summer and the first semester of this year. And when I end up at Fresno State next year I'm gonna continue on with research there.

Every month Superintendent Yovino has to sift through accomplishments of 200,000 students to find his super star. He considers Alexander Ewing a super-super star.


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