Superintendent's super star for August is community minded at age 13

    August super star

    Fresno County Superintendent Jim Yovino's super star for August is a Kastner eighth grader who is already community minded. Emiko Diaz has been volunteering at the Valley Animal Center since fourth grade. Superintendent Yovino says Diaz exemplifies everything that's right with children in our Valley.

    Diaz loves being around animals. The past four years she's been a volunteer at the animal center. "I do a lot of walking with the dogs and I get them exercise and socialize. And I'm also a camp counselor for the camps they have from five to twelve year old's."

    In recent years Emiko has passed on receiving birthday presents. Instead she collects donations from family and friends to buy things to help shelter pets. Superintendent Yovino is impressed. "She's on her way to the college of kindness and compassion and volunteerism and I don't know anything more rewarding in life than giving back. And you're already doing that at the age of 13.

    This year she was honored as the youth volunteer of the year at the 2017 Hands Across the Valley volunteer awards. Emiko says being the superintendent's August super star is something she'll never forget. "It means a lot because he said there's so many kids out there. He picks me out of 25-thousand kids so it's a really big honor."

    Recently Emiko got her Girl Scout troop to help raise $2,000 for the Valley Animal Center.

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