Super volunteer from Memorial is Superintendent's super star for November

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    November's superintendent super star has a servant's heart helping the poor and the homeless. Bridget Douglas also created a pizza business and some profits from that venture help the less fortunate.

    Douglas is a junior at San Joaquin Memorial High School who loves to volunteer. Douglas is a familiar face at the Fresno Rescue Mission, Poverello House and Holy Cross Center for Women.

    "I don't really like to be bored. I like to keep on my toes and stay active and try and do as many things as I can cause I don't want to miss out on anything that I would have fun doing."

    When she's not volunteering Douglas is a cheerleader at Memorial and she's also active with the drama department. "It's really a great program at Memorial and we're trying to revamp it. It' always so much fun to be a part of.

    We're trying to do new things. I love performing." Not too long ago Bridget's Mom Cara gave her an old trailer and told her to create a business. She brought it back to life with bright colors and put a pizza over on the bed. She now books pizza

    parties. "I've gone through hard times but people have given me so much that I don't know why I shouldn't give it back if I could." Bridget lost her Dad seven years ago but this Memorial junior is determined to succeed.

    Superintendent Jim Yovino is impressed. "This is one of those cases where this is a young lady who had adversity in her life early on and as a result of this what an amazing young woman she has become."

    Douglas says her schedule has been so busy that she never realized she was making an impact in her community.

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