June super star is a champion for field workers and how they feed the world

Courtesy Perez Family

June's superintendent super star is a Selma High junior who knows the meaning of hard work in the classroom and Valley vineyards. Ivana Matias Perez is a drum major for field workers and their contributions to society. Her article in the school newspaper has inspired Fresno County's education community.

Ivana is the daughter of farm workers and knows a lot about the yearly cycle of a grapevine. It inspired her to write "Life Lessons of a Field Worker" which appeared in the school newspaper and the Selma Enterprise. Then a teacher at Buchanan High assigned Ivana's article to read and write responses. "I was trying to educate people... educate those who haven't experienced what field work is or who aren't aware of how many people work in the fields of the Valley."

Superintendent of Fresno County Schools Jim Yovino worked in the fields as a kind and was touched by her article. "What about someone who wants to give back to our community and also teach the world that everyone, every person is valuable. The love for her family and the respect that she has for our families working in our fields every day."

Yovino applauded Ivana for her work in the classroom and making the community aware of how farm workers help feed the world. Ivana considers being named the superintendent's super star a family award. "It's more of a trophy and another accomplishment so my parents can keep in their mind that their hard work is also paying off in their children."

After graduation Ivana hopes to attend school at U-C Berkeley majoring in English. Ivana is a member of the Blue Devils Drum Corps up in the Bay Area. She says practices are long but the big highlight will be performing in Indianapolis later this summer.

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