February superstar is also an author at age ten

Fresno County Superintendent Jim Yovino's February superstar is a ten year old Fresno student who wrote a book with a powerful message. Samuel De La Cerda loves to write but he's a bit bashful when it comes to being in the spotlight. His twin brother Elijah has Down Syndrome and loves an audience.

The way he and his brother were treated differently prompted him to write his book, "Am I Invisible?" His mother shared the story with FOX26 News. "They go up to Elijah and hug him and kiss him because kids with Down Syndrome have that little cupid thing. They would shake Sam's hand like he's thirty.

Those were his exact words and they stuck and they broke my heart but he was right." The book focuses on finding your voice in the world. Superintendent of Fresno County Schools Jim Yovino applauds Samuel's work. "This is a remarkable young man who speaks through words on paper. This is very powerful."

Samuel is a fifth grader at Starr Elementary school in Fresno. His mother Jami beams with pride when she talks about his children's book. "The most important thing is Sammy can hold onto his words and feel good about them. When he held it for the first time I felt like me holding him for the very first time."

It's a book from a ten year old's perspective that explains we're all different. The key Samuel believes is learning to love yourself. "Am I Invisible" is published in English and Spanish.

The De La Cerda family says it's not about making money, but instead trying to make sure different organizations who work with kids get a copy of the book.

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