Central West junior is Superintendent's March Superstar

Central West junior Nicole Garza is Superintendent Jim Yovino's Superstar

Fresno County Superintendent Jim Yovino's super star for March is soft spoken but not afraid to speak her mind.

Nicole Garza's award winning speech at the academic decathlon got his attention.

Garza's first speech tacked a sensitive subject, stereotypes associated with immigration. "Each and everyone of these individuals has their own unique story at to why they want to come to America," said Garza.

Superintendent Yovino was in awe of the Central West junior's speech. "There were about 1500 people that stood up and gave her a standing ovation after her speech. Garza had this reaction. "It's definitely helped me to grow out of more of my shell."

Garza is soft spoken but her academic excellence speaks for itself.

The junior has a 4-point-1 grade point average.

At the academic decathlon she took home three team medals and six individual medals including a gold medal for her speech.

Garza wants to go to medical school to be an endocrinologist.

Superintendent Yovino said, "This young lady I have full confidence is going to be someone who's going to take care of me, take care of the rest of the world."

Garza says she is grateful and honored to be Superintendent Yovino's March super star.

This is also her first time participating in the academic decathlon.

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