Farm To Fork: Dairy

Rich Kreps talks with Anthony Fagundes of AJF Dairy in Chowchilla.

California is the number one producer of milk in the United States and the Central Valley is home to the majority of the dairy farms.

In this segment, Rich Kreps, a Certified Crop Advisor for Ultra Gro, spends time with Anthony Fagundes of AJF Dairy in Chowchilla.

Anthony said, "Hygiene and cow comfort is the number one thing; a happy cow produces more milk and that means more production and more money for us."

The cows stand on mats for better hoof health, with overhead shade, automatic misting systems and everything is kept as clean as possible to keep the cows healthy and happy.

So the next time you have a cold, refreshing glass of milk, think about the people who help produce it.

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