10 Students Injured By Teen Driving Cart At Clovis North

UPDATE:Ten Granite Ridge Middle School students were rushed to local hospitals, after a student jumps into an abandoned golf cart and runs them over.The accident took place just 11:00 Monday morning.Teachers say a special needs student jumped into that golf cart, hit the accelerator and traveled some 40 yards at full speed, nearly half the length of a football field into a group of students.Police say the kid's injuries range from a broken leg to scrapes and bruises.After the kids were rushed to hospitals and calls to parents were made the search for answers began, like how was a special needs student able to gain access to a golf cart and get it started or were the keys left inside?Clovis Unified Spokesperson Kelly Avants says, "Initial report of the investigation is that it could have been a malfunction of the cart itself. So we have already taken the cart to a maintenance facility and starting an investigation on that."Fresno Police Lt. Joe Gomez says, "My first question did he do it on purpose? Everybody there says no. He got on it, probably a game to him and clearly not familiar with driving right. Pressed the gas too much and it just so happened at the time it happened the kids were in transit from class to class."Police say the investigation should be complete in a couple of days. Right now no one has been arrested.

All ten kids are now recovering at home.

Fresno police responded to reports of an injury accident at Clovis North Education Center Monday morning.When they arrived, they found ten students injured when a 13-year-old special needs student crashed into a crowd of students walking to class on the walkway between two buildings.It's unknown why the student took the cart, which is used by campus staff.Two injuries were considered series; one had a broken leg.Seven others were treated at area hospitals for less serious injuries.The 13-year-old driver from Granite Ridge Intermediate School received moderate injuries when the cart struck a tree along the walkway.It's unknown at this time if the driver will be charged.The incident is still under investigation.


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