Pack of Stray Dogs Attacks And Kills 70 Animals

    Reedley High School teachers and students are in shock after a pack of five stray dogs mauled more than 70 animals.

    The attack took place at Reedley High's Farm, on the campus, around 6 a.m. on Friday.

    Reedley police arrived and found the dogs still attacking the animals in their cages.

    Officers put the school on lockdown for about an hour.

    Ag Teacher Ronald Sa says, "They just tore through the wood, like it wasn't anything and ripped everything open."

    Teachers believe the pack of dogs, at least 3 of them pit bulls and one a German shepherd dug under a fence, bit through chicken wire and chewed through wood to kill 54 chickens, 23 rabbits, and injure one pig so bad it had to be put down.

    Ronald Sa says, "They were just killing them and going onto the next one that was moving, It was like being in a war zone carcasses were just everywhere out here."

    Workers with the Kings Canyon Unified Transportation Department, which is right next door to the farm, heard the dogs barking.

    Workers called police.

    Officers did catch one of the dogs.

    The dog was euthanized.

    However, the others escaped.

    Teachers say there is one thing we can take away from this tragedy.

    Reedley High Ag Teacher Carlos Lopez says, "Pet owners especially those who have dogs to be more mindful that their dogs are secured. At one point this can happen to animals, but it can also happen to a little kid."

    If police find the dogs again and can determine who owns them, teachers, students and parents of Reedley High's Future Farmers of America program would like to seek restitution for their loss.

    The students planned to sell, some of these animals at the fair.

    Anyone who would like to help the Reedley High Future Farmers of America Program can contact Ag Teacher Ronald Sa at (559) 305-7100.

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