"Stop Bullying" T-Shirts, New Uniform at Pizza Factory

A Central Valley pizza parlor is doing what it can to make people more aware of bullying.

Tim Hamblet the owner of the Pizza Factory in Fowler says, "I think that the issue needs to be the same as math or science in school. People have to learn how to get along with each other."

The pizzeria which is a popular hang out for teens after school is a bully-free place, and they have the T-shirt to prove it.

Along with making pizza pies, Hamblet believes local businesses can help stop the violence-taking place at schools across America.

He and his staff decided to take a stance against bullying with these "don't be a bully" T-shirts, they are now part of the work uniform, the impact around town, positive, and it is catching on.

Andy Gonzales runs a barbershop in Fowler. He says, "My sister and I are going to get a couple of T-shirts and we're going to start wearing them at work. And I tell everyone else it needs to come out."

Hamblet's own grandson Nicholas loves the idea.

Tim Hamblet says, "Hopefully through education we can make people realize that they need to treat other people the way they like to be treated themselves."

Hamblet says since his workers started wearing the T-shirts, customers have wanted to buy them, so he's ordered more.

He hopes Fowler will be known as a bully-free city.

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