SPCA Kills Family Dog By Accident

    "They took the dog with his collar, my name's on there, my address and they walk my dog over to be killed," Helen Del Rio said.

    Del Rio's family is heartbroken.

    "When I come home, he's not there," Ashley Del Rio, Helen's daughter, said.

    She's talking about her 11-month-old dog, Scar.

    "Every time we would come home we would do this trick where he would shake your hand, he would go from left to right and we would say, nice to meet you Scar," Ashley said.

    But a neighbor didn't think the pit bull was so cute.

    And when he got out of the Del Rio's yard September 24th, the neighbor took Scar to the Central California SPCA, claiming he'd bit her.

    When Helen went down there to find out what was going on, she says, they changed the story several times, from he'd bit a neighbor, to he bit a cat, then they said, he a killed another dog.

    "Everything was just so inaccurate," Helen said.

    SPCA officials then told Helen they'd launched an investigation into what happened.

    Last Thursday they called and said the investigation was over.

    Helen says, they told her there was no evidence that Scar had attacked the neighbor.

    As a matter of fact, that neighbor wasn't even responding to the SPCA's questions.

    Helen says, the SPCA told her Scar was ready to be picked up.

    "Grabbed his leash, ready to take our dog home. We get there and they can't find him. They call the supervisor out, the supervisor's going from building to building," Helen said. "Then Officer Boyce comes in and calls me over and says he's been euthanized; just like that. He didn't even say sorry, he was just like, basically with an expression on his face like, it happens."

    Helen was furious.

    "I screamed at all of them, the supervisor, the receptionist, she reassured me that my dog would be safe," Helen said.

    Two days later, she got a letter from the SPCA.

    It said: "Please accept our sincere apologies for our failure in insuring the return of your family pet to you."

    "The tragic outcome of this situation to you and your family is not something that we can abide by. To ensure that this will never happen again, we are conducting company wide training and implementing changes in our policies and procedures."

    "After 66 years in service they're saying, 'we're going to change our policy and train our staff'."

    The letter goes on to say: "Because of this serious oversight, we wish to offer you and your family a free adoption of a pet of your choosing."

    But Helen says the "pet of her choosing" was the one the SPCA killed instead.

    "I kept thinking that what was he thinking when they were going to take him for a walk?" She said.

    KMPH tried contacting the SPCA for comment on this story.

    But our calls were not returned.



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