Mom Leads Fresno Police On Slow Speed Chase With Kids In Car

A woman driving an SUV took Fresno Police on a low speed chase and refused to pull over.{} Police had to handle this pursuit with extra caution because two children were in the vehicle.

The fifteen minute chase started{}near McLane High School in southeast Fresno and ended a few miles later on McKinley near Maple.{}Someone called 911 to report that a woman with two children in her vehicle was driving erratically. {}Police say she drove at a slow rate of speed but refused to pull over when officers blared their sirens and motioned for her to pull over.{} In the end officers got in front and back of the SUV and boxed her in and forced her to stop.{}

Sgt. Andy Mercado said officers were concerned because near the end of the chase she forced one of her children to sit on her lap while she drove.{} Neither child in the car was hurt.{}{}Both are now{}being taken care of by Child Protective Services.

Their{}Mother 31 year old Elizabeth{}Rillo was{}booked into jail on charges of felony child endangerment, driving under the influence of drugs and evading a police officer.{}

Sgt.Mercado says he's never seen anything like it in all his years on the force.{}

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