Six Cats Rescued From Middle East

Six cats are making history, traveling from the Middle East to a cat haven in the Valley.

The Cat House on the Kings is taking them in.

Good Samaritans found five of the cats in Oman and one in Kuwait, limping and barely alive.

They've been nursed back to health and have been flown here, where they're up for adoption.

8,000 miles is the longest distance cats have been flown to be rescued.

The owner of the Cat House on the Kings says they'll find good homes here.

"We're really hoping we can get individuals interested in adopting these beautiful, wonderful, deserving animals. They have fought for their life and now it's time that they enjoy life," said Lynea Lattanzio.

This isn't the first time Lynea has been so generous. She's taken in two cats from Hong Kong, and three from Saudi Arabia, in addition to the thousand cats she already cares for.

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