Shooting Suspect Identified

Fresno - Fresno police have identified the man officers shot and killed over the weekend.

Police say they had been following 33-year-old Roberto Padilla and confronted him Sunday, after he allegedly robbed the Kings Food market in downtown Fresno at gunpoint.

At a press conference Monday, Fresno police chief{} Jerry Dyer says officers feared for their lives after Padilla refused to comply with their commands and pulled out a gun.

"All five officers did fire, one from the alley, four from Inyo...fired 16 shots between them," said Chief Dyer.

Dyer says officers used department-issued shotguns and handguns, and Padilla did not fire his weapon.

"In the world of officer involved shootings, this shooting based on the circumstances as we know it, clearly shows the officers were acting appropriately when using deadly force against the individual," said Chief Dyer.

Detectives believe Padilla robbed ten stores at gunpoint, taking about $11,000 in all.

While robberies are not on the rise in Fresno, the chief says violent crimes are on the way up.

"We have seen an increase in vehicle burglaries, an increase in residential burglaries, and an increase in aggravated assaults, but we've not seen an increase in robberies or homicides," said Chief Dyer.

Sunday's officer involved shooting is the sixth incident in Fresno this year - an abnormally high number.

Last year, there were seven.

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