Search For Transgender Killer Intensifies - Why No One Helped Her?

{}It's a story that continues to get attention around the country.

Surveillance which shows 66-year-old K.C. Haggard walking on a Fresno street.

She is in the area of Blackstone and Cornell, near Shields, last Wednesday.

The video shows a Saturn SUV drive up, and after minutes of talking, Haggard leans into the car, and is stabbed in the neck with a knife.

She dies minutes later.

Police have not classified this as a hate crime saying it's still too early in the investigation.

Minutes after the attack, surveillance video shows a number of people just walking by the crime scene, looking and then leaving without calling police.


Psychologists say many times people only get involved if they are directly affected, and possibly stay away out of fear of retaliation.

But do you have an obligation?

Attorney Mark King says, "There is no obligation on a passerby to supply some kind of aid. Unless it's something that you caused, that you created than yes. You have a duty to render aid and seek help."

And if you do help, are you protected?

Yes, to a point with California's Good Samaritan Law.

King says, "If you offer assistance to someone who is in distress they cannot sue you for your effort to help them, presuming you are not grossly negligent in trying to help them."

King says years ago the Good Samaritan law was changed to include protection for those offering help for both medical and non-medical assistance.

It's important to note, Fresno police wouldn't have much at all to go on if it weren't for the owner of Most Wanted Tattoos.

He has security cameras pointed outside his building and they caught the assault.

He didn't know about the attack until the next morning and after he saw it he called police.

Meanwhile, the search for the driver of the Saturn SUV continues. If you have any information about the case you're urged to call Fresno Police at 559-621-7000.

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