Racing At 'Kings Speedway' Hits A Speed Bump

A lot of people have questions about the future of racing at "Kings Speedway" in Hanford after the race track's landlord served the promoter with a 30-day notice to vacate.

The promoter says the notice was served by the "Kings County Fairgrounds Board" after he announced to fans and posted on Facebook that he was not renewing his four year contract.

"We just thought it was important to notify our fans and our racers, and that was the perfect opportunity for us to do that," says "Kings Speedway" promoter Scott Woodhouse.

Woodhouse says he decided not to renew his contract because of personal reasons and running the races took a financial toll. The promoter adds that he has a good relationship with the "Kings County Fairgrounds Board."

"Any problems with the board or the fair CEO are between us and there weren't any major factors that happened," says Woodhouse, "I mean everyone is going to have professional disagreements or differences, and I don't really think that was one of the major reasons for why we're leaving."

Kings County Fairgrounds C.E.O. Kate O'Neil says the decision to serve the notice was purely a business one, and it was not mean spirited.

"All in all I think the board just determined that at this stage it was in the best interest of both parties," says Kings County Fairgrounds C.E.O. Kate O'Neil, "It's probably best to part ways now, versus waiting till the end of the year."

O'Neil says the "Kings County Fairgrounds Board" did make financial accommodations for the races over the years. She says 'Kings Speedway" will not stay empty for long.

"We want to be ready to find a new promoter because racing's not going to end here at Kings Speedway," adds O'Neil.

The search for a new promoter has already begun and the board hopes to the races back on track in the next few months.

As for races that were scheduled to take place at "Kings Speedway", they have been moved to other tracks.

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