New Details Released About Deadly Ferguson Shooting

People are protesting in Ferguson, Missouri for the sixth day in a row. The protests started last Saturday after a police officer killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown.

On Friday the Ferguson Police Department released surveillance video showing a strong armed robbery that occurred 10-minutes before the shooting. Police say the video shows Michael Brown robbing a convenience store ten minutes before he was killed. However, people are questioning if the man in the video is Brown.

The surveillance video shows the man officers say is Brown and a friend going into a convenience store. The video captures the man swiping cigars from the counter without paying for them. A few seconds later, police say Brown struggles with the clerk and he grabs more cigars.

As the men are leaving the store, they video shows them being confronted by an employee. Police say Brown pushes the employee and then leaves.

However, the Ferguson Police Chief says the officer who shot Brown did not know about the robbery.

"This robbery does not relate to the initial contact between the officer and Michael Brown," says Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson.

The police chief also says the officer who shot brown is Darren Wilson, who has been with the department for six years. He's been interviewed twice by detectives about what happened.

After the new details were released on Friday, the lawyer representing Brown's family blasted the police department.

"You're spending all your money, your resource on trying to demonize him, but you're not telling us answers that not only Ferguson, but America wants to know to start the healing process," says Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump.

The FBI is looking for more witnesses who saw the shooting happen. There's still a lot of confusion and different stories about what happened right before the shooting happened.

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