Officers Involved In Fresno Tower District Shooting Identified

Fresno Police have released the names of the eight officers involved in a deadly shooting earlier this month.

Sgt. Eddie Barrios, Ofc. Pete Ressler, Ofc. Jeremy Preis, Ofc. Rick Fitzgerald, Ofc. Brett Vestal, Ofc. Mark Bindenagel, Ofc. Jake Wallace and Ofc. David Porcella were all placed on administrative leave following the October 5th shooting, which took the life of{}23-year-old Rod Fiorini, a student at Fresno Pacific University.

According to police, officers received a{}call that{}Fiorini was firing his shotgun in his backyard.{}When they{}arrived on the scene,{}they found Fiorini waiting for them on his porch with a gun.

Officers say they ordered Fiorini{}to drop his weapon, but he refused and moved towards them. Fearing for their safety, officers fired at Fiorini, who died on the scene.

Fiorini's death marked the ninth officer involved shooting for the Fresno Police Department in 2010.

Stay with KMPH and as we continue to follow this story.

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