Mariposa County High School Band Wins Grammy

By: Rich Rodriguez

They are called the "Pride of the Sierra". Mariposa County High's Band isn't big by any stretch of the imagination. It has less than 50 members, But these kids can play with the best, big and small.

Music director Dr. Phillip Smith submitted the Grizzly bands performance recorded at Disneyland. Mariposa County High was one of 20-thousand schools to participate. "It was just a very rough live performance, one microphone and{}I thought okay we submitted it. We tried. I was notified in January we were semifinalists and was quite shocked."

The music that Dr. Smith didn't consider award winning was judged as one of the best in the country by the Grammy Foundation. Thursday night musician Sheila E. made the presentation.

Besides the Grammy, Mariposa County high got a check for 55-hundred dollars. Sheila E. Surprised the crowd with her own{}matching donation of $5,500.

How good is the band? Tuba player Dani Guyton. "I've always thought this band was amazing and this just proves it."

Bass Clarinet Melissa Caputo has been playing music since the fourth grade. "It's always an exciting thing to be in and there's always something going on. Everything I{}just felt like{}I was really part of it. I didn't feel like{}I had the option to leave."

They are small in size but its sound is award winning. One of the best 27 in the nation and Mariposa has the Grammy to prove it.{}{}{}

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