Man Finds $125,000 in Cash & Gives It Back, Get's Reward!

A $5,000 reward, that's how much a Fresno man is getting after he returned a bank bag filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. It may not sound like much of a payoff. But Joe Cornell says it was never about the reward. It's about doing the right thing. Cornell says, "I just did it because it was the right thing to do. I wasn't sure it anything would come from it that wasn't what I was thinking, However, Cornell says he is thankful to The Brinks Company for giving him a $5,000 debit card for returning a deposit bag. The company says the bag of money fell off of a Brink's armored truck Wednesday afternoon. Cornell says when he found the cash his first concern was for others who could be hit with a loss. Cornell says, "Deposits from businesses and stuff, so that could have trickled down to a lot of people's jobs, who knows what so I just figured it was the right thing to do." Virginia Cornell says she is proud of her husband. She says, "We are going to use the money to pay off my rent and pay off my truck so we can get out of the hole. This is like a new start for us." For the past 4 months Cornell has been living at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. He is getting help with an addiction to meth. He's going to graduating in July. He says he's kicked the habit, but what he needs now is a job. Kayo Loveless is the Director of the program. He says, "He's a hard worker. He's worked hard in this program and in a couple of months he will be graduating. He'll leave out of here and he is going to need a job absolutely." Virginia Cornell says, "Anyone that needs an honest man to hire, we know that he's an honest man. He just gave back $125,000 that wasn't his." Cornell says, "Sometimes it felt like I felt like 'why do I want to be here?' But I'm here for a reason. I'm finding that God is the reason I'm here. He's got a higher purpose for me. I'm just trying to follow his will, and let his will be done and see what happens." Since we broke the story of the incredible find, Cornell says some people have stopped by the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center and offered donations to him. Some members of the Fresno County Deputy Sheriff's Association even dropped off barbecue. Cornell wants to thank everyone for their generosity.
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