Key To Happy Marriage: Separate Beds?

Some experts believe sleeping in separate beds or even separate rooms is the key to a successful marriage.Reporter Sheila Gray from our KMPH Fox 26 news partner, WKEF shows why two beds may be better than one.Women have mixed emotions about the idea, but not everyone's surprised to hear that some couples think separate beds make for a better relationship.The National Association of Homebuilders reports about 25% of all high-end houses being built in the last couple of years have dual master bedrooms. But it's not because there are problems with the marriage, they just want to get a good night sleep.A lot of couples may be too embarrassed to admit they sleep in separate beds. One marriage counselor says that may be because they're confusing sleeping together with intimacy. "They assume somehow that intimacy, closeness, kissing and loving goes away if you're not sleeping in the same spot," said Doctor Bruce Kline.Kline says couples sleep separately for any number of reasons including: snoring, sleep apnea, opposite work schedules, etc.Kline says what's important is not the sleep arrangement but rather the work you put in during the waking hours. And if the sleep situation is about distance, it might take some extra work to close that distance.

(Contributor Sheila Gray, WKEF)

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