Justin Bieber Hugs Fresno Girl Who Was Denied Meet & Greet

A Fresno girl who was heartbroken Friday night, after she didn't get to meet Justin Bieber while he was in town, like she was promised, got a second chance Saturday.

9-year-old Aarynn DeLeon finally met Justin Bieber at his concert in Oakland.

Her dad wasn't allowed to take pictures, but tells KMPH, she got to shake his hand and give him a hug.

Aarynn's dad says she was speechless - she couldn't say a word to him.

He says Bieber told her, "good job," after he learned about how she raffled off her original concert tickets to raise money for the hungry.

Justin Bieber's tour organizers gave the Fresno girl and her dad tickets and backstage passes to the Oakland concert to make up for the disappointment of Friday night.

Aarynn and her dad were supposed to meet Bieber at the Save Mart Center, but were shut out by security - turns out organizers told them the wrong time, and they missed their chance.

That opportunity was a gift from a local radio station.

Last month, Aarynn raffled off her original pair of concert tickets, raising $1,200 for the Community Food Bank.

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