Guilty Verdict In Chowchilla Dairy Murder

Jose Flores-Ventura

Two separate Madera County juries have convicted two men of first-degree murder{}and attempted murder for a January 2008 double shooting at a Chowchilla dairy.{}{}

Jesus Reynoso Flores, 25, and Jose Antonio Flores-Ventura, 27, both of Chowchilla, face life in prison without the possibility of parole{}when they are sentenced in June, the Madera County District Attorney announced on Tuesday.

Evidence presented in the trial showed that on Jan. 19 2008 both men went to the Coelho Dairy in Chowchilla to rob the milkers following their payday, the DA's office said.

Alberto Navarez-Torres, then 18, was{}shot{}twice and Sergio Alejandre was shot once in the head. Torres was fatally wounded.

Cameras monitoring the{}dairy captured the acts and the video recordings were used as evidence at trial.

Separate juries were required because of the different statements given by each defendant to the Madera Sheriff's Detectives during the investigation, the DA's office said.

Both juries found special circumstances in the murder of Torres because it was willful,deliberate and premeditated and was committed during their attempting robbery, the DA's office said.

Flores' jury found that he laid in wait to kill Torres.

Sentencing for both men is{}scheduled for June 21 in the Madera Superior Court.

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