Gas Pumping Myths: Getting The Most Of Your Fill Up!

With prices at the pump continuing to climb, how can you know you're not getting ripped off, and getting all the gas you paid for?

KMPH News caught up with Fresno County Department of Agriculture, Division of Weights and Measures inspectors. They are the ones who test the pumps we use for accuracy.

They check each pump once a year.

We asked them, should you fill up in the morning or at night?

Inspectors say today's pumps are calculated so precisely, it doesn't really matter.

But if you have a problem, you can report it.

Les Wright, Fresno County Deputy Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer says, "They are mechanical and they do break down. So the first thing you need to do if you think you have a problem is talk to the manager at the counter."

If you don't get your question answered, you can make a formal complaint with your county's Department of Agriculture, Division of Weights and Measures.

But because resources are limited, have the location of the gas station, the specific pump or number, the grade of gas, and date and time of your fill up.

Most of all be patient. Fresno County for example only has five inspectors to check some 20,000 devices.

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