From Fat To Fit: Clovis Girl Sheds 65 Pounds In 11 Months

What if your child weighed 186 pounds - at just 8 years old?

After watching her daughter get bigger and bigger, one Clovis mom decided - enough

She got her fifth grader from fat to fit, in less than a year.

Breanna Bond lost 65 pounds in just 11 months, thanks to her mom.

Their journey began with a single step.

As a pre-schooler, Breanna weighed 75 pounds.

And every year after that, she put on 20 more pounds.

So by the time she was 8, she tipped the scale at 186 pounds.

"It was my bad cooking, I was fried chicken queen. I was fried chicken queen. It was lack of activity, and slow metabolism," said Heidi Bond, Breanna's mother.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a healthy weight for an 8-year-old girl who's about 5 feet tall, is about 95 pounds.

Breanna said the extra weight made her lazy, and the target of taunts at school.

"There was this boy, I don't want to do names, but every single time I would go to school, he would call me 'chubby' and 'fathead'", said Breanna.

Now 9 years old, she can do flips, she's a lot lighter on her feet, now that she weighs 120 pounds.

Her first step to getting healthy was just that - a step.

Heidi had the whole family start walking - four miles, four days a week.

No fancy diets, no expensive programs or trainers, just a pair of sneakers, and discipline.

"The whole time I would tell her 'c'mon, hurry up, you got to keep this pace.' When somebody weighs that much, it is hard to move. So you need that partner in life, your mom, your best friend, whatever, to motivate you, to keep you going," said Heidi.

And no more fried chicken in the kitchen - just fresh fruits, veggies and lean meats.

Breanna is now on her school's cheerleading team; she also plays basketball and swims, and still walks four miles a day.

"I feel like I can move more, I can do stuff on my own, like if my mom or dad were out of town I would do the workout by myself, because I'm just so into it," said Breanna.

She wants to lose 10 more pounds.

Breanna is not alone in her battle against obesity.

More than 35 percent of kids in Fresno County are overweight or obese, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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