Fresno Police Shoot, Kill, Man With Knife

A Fresno police officer is forced to open fire, killing a man with a knife.

The police shooting happened just after 2 on Monday afternoon, in the area of Kings Canyon and Sunnyside.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says it all began when his officer spotted a wanted parolee walking in the area, and attempted to talk to him.

Dyer says the man ran, jumped several fences and then confronted the cop with a knife.

After a short fight, Dyer says the officer stepped back and opened fire.

Neighbors say they heard two rapid shots.

Steve Thomas who lives in the area said, "I was walking around the corner just before it happened and saw a lot of police cars were already here and the neighbors said someone had gotten killed."

Chief Dyer says the 35-year-old suspect has an extensive criminal record that includes several weapons charges.

As for the officer, he remains on paid leave while the sheriff's department continues its investigation.

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