Fresno Police Arrest Four Teens Related To Edison High School Shooting

Four teenagers are behind bars tonight for shooting and trying to rob an athletic trainer at a Fresno school.

It happened last Thursday at Edison high school in southwest Fresno.




Police say the guys shot an athletic trainer several times in the leg and in the stomach.


Police say they got their first break in the investigation when a 62-year-old woman reported she had been attacked by four young males just half a block away from Edison. Police say it happened just minutes before the trainer was attacked.

The woman said the guys knocked her to the ground and beat her.

During the investigation, police found bloody clothes from one of the victims, as well as a bullet they believe came from the gun used in the school attack.

"These are all juveniles but they are all ruthless, and they deserve to be in custody, and that is where they are going to be tonight," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dryer.

Police say one of the suspects confessed to the attacks.

All four suspects are between 16 and 17 years of age.

They are being charged with assault with deadly weapon, conspiracy and attempted robbery.

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